The Life and Times of a Lonely College Girl

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sorry for the hiatus. To tell you the truth, I rarely go on the internet via my macbook now that I've moved back home since I can't stand dial up and the BlackBerry is just so much easier. In fact I'm using it now!

So between this semester's first round of exams, Valentine's in NC, my flu/ear infection I'm STILL battling, my 22nd birthday and back to NC in 10 days...I have more than enough excuses for not updating. I have missed it though. Ever time I read Flo's I have pains of guilt and jealousy! I have so many things I wish to comment on I just don't have the time for. So I think I'm going to try to write short anecdotes about my day via this wonderful piece of technology.

Right now I'm sitting on the bus that shuttles between campuses since my gas is on E, I have an astronomy lab and still have a 45min drive home. At least not making the 20 min drive to Gorham should help. I scrounged all the quarters I have for my iced coffee and have less than 100 to my name til I get a job. Ahhh, poverty! Haha. At least living at home has made things so much better. Since I've been sick my mom has been taking wicked good care of me. I love laying in bed getting chicken soup and tea on a tray. Anywho, I think this is a good enough update. The old school rocknroll tunes on the bus are getting to me "pour some suga on meee..." And I still have to muster enough enthusiasm for spectral classification in lab tonight. Ughhhhhh

Sunday, February 3, 2008

the SUPAHbowl!

Mixed feelings, indeed. Obviously I am an obligatory Patriots fan. Not that I mind, its nice to have a team to root for that wins and has the dreamiest QB in the league. However, my dads side of the family lives in Indy so I was born a Colts fan. These days people tell me thats like being a BoSox and a Yanks fan. Anywho, I love the Mannings. My grandparents live down the road from him and retrieved his dog when it escaped once. This, of course, leads me to an increased longing for the cuter of the Manning brothers, Eli. Needless to say I am *secretly* happy for the Giants win, despite the 18-1 season for the Pats. =(

Okay, so I am distracted. Watching Cold Case and printing my powerpoint slides and iCal for the week. Tomorrow I'm going to try to go to yoga since I havent been in a week. Let's see if I can get my booty out of bed before noon. My sleeping has been wacky.

Also, only 9 more days before I head to the beloved Fayettenam! It's hard to believe we've been together 4 YEARS. I haven't been to NC since October so it will be nice to be there with him again. Breakfast in bed, baths in his garden tub, dinner at Miyabi or the Mash House, beers at Huske, movies at Cameo. It will certainly be a breath of fresh air.

Hope everyone has a good week, that damn groundhog HAD to see is shadow. Although, from the looks outside I'd laugh if he didn't. Hope its sunny where everyone else is.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back Pain

Tuesday are hell. I am at school from 10:15am-9:30pm. Granted, I have a 5 hour break that I could drive home during but with $3.15 for gas I'd rather stick it out on campus. Anyway, 12pm Wednesday yoga is often my saving grace as of late. I started going with my friend Austin and his parents on Saturdays in the "town" next to me (I often use the term town loosely as seeing the population of this one is probably under 5000). So I started going to a higher level class at a studio in Brunswick on Wednesdays. It helps relieve the stress of 11 hours in Portland and sitting in a plastic chair most of the day.

Well yesterday after yoga I was feeling great, as usual, and came home before headed to my 4:10-6:40 Cost Accounting class. By the time I got home yesterday evening my entire upper back was in spasms. Fast forward through the night of tossing and turning and I woke up this morning with just as much pain and another full day of classes. So needless to say, when I got home from school I decided to stop trying to suck it up and take something. My mom then told me that her orthopedic surgeon said that extra strength tylenol and motrin together is essentially percocet and decided to adminster a correct dose.

I NEVER take pain medicine for the simple reason that when I am in a state of discomfort similair to my current situation I can combat the pain quite easily. Not only did the percocet only slightly knock me out (still tossed and turned) but my back is in just as much pain as it started in. Now my mom's asleep and I'm going to have to raid her drug stash to try and sleep the full night. I was totally hoping for a drug induced coma but apparently my body has a different agenda.

Anyway, I like writing in a blog again. I feel entirely inspired/intimidated by everyone elses entries. I am not nearly as interesting or profound as the rest of you but at least I have the opportunity for increased communication. Tomorrow I have to go pick up my saab from its window regulator repair (gotta love plastic parts breaking in the cold Maine winters and costs $299 to repair since your car is made in Europe). Then I have an all night marathon of Degrassi: The Next Generation with Austin.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My New Blog

I've been using LiveJournal since 2004 and have grown bored with it lately. I still read my friends posts but rarely comment and haven't updated in 29 weeks! Recently I've noticed a lot of friends and family using blogspot so I guess I decided to switch. FYI: Flo, you had a lot to do with it. I love reading your work and still do feel a deep connection to you despite our distance/never meeting. We are sisters from another mister, for sure!

Anywho, I have Intermediate Accounting and Personal Financial Planning homework calling me. So I think this will have to do for my first entry. However, I have a break between classes tomorrow from 2:30-7pm so chances are this will get better pretty quickly.

Quick shout out to Uncle Wade/Patrick and the Kasperek family! And of course the beautiful Florence Brown. =)